Opening of NSDC Blog Page

Opening of NSDC Blog Page

Welcome to our NSDC Blog Page!!!

This page has been developed under the close guidance and supervision of A B M Khorshed Alam, Additional Secretary & Chief Executive Officer of NSDC Secretariat.

The objective of opening this blog site is to have your your creative ideas and views on different skills development initiatives NSDC has been working with.

At present the following  4 categories has been identified.

  • Gender
  • ISC
  • Misc
  • Workshop

If you feel that more categories need to be incorporated then please suggest us. Any suggestions to improve the look and feel of this site from your end is highly appreciated.

NSDC colleagues, please try posting in each category.

Enjoy and happy blogging.

One thought on “Opening of NSDC Blog Page

  1. Thank you very much for sharing a nice photo along with appreciating the launching of the NSDC blog. Now NSDC will be much more participatory with this initiative.

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