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Brick and Stone Masonry (NTVQF-1)

A Brick and Stone Mason is also known as a Bricklayer. A Bricklayer specializes in preparing and laying brick, concrete blocks, stone and structural tiles and other masonry units. They are also trained to repair walls, partitions, patios, arches, paved surfaces, fireplaces and chimneys.  During the apprenticeship, trainees will get the opportunity to learn and perform various skills required to become a bricklayer.  Trainees will gain experience laying and cutting brick, stone, concrete blocks and structural tiles in the residential, commercial and/or industrial settings. They will also learn to construct, install and/or repair various structures including: wall, arches, paved surfaces, floors, fireplaces, chimneys and smokestacks. The development of these skills will allow them to build patios, garden walls and other decorative installations. Trainees will be taught to use several tools that bricklayers use daily.  Wheelbarrows and forklifts to transport materials and hand and power tools function to cut/trim masonry units to required size. Trowels are used to spread mortar which is what allows the layers of masonry units to bind together. Bricklayers also use measuring and layout tools like plumb line and levels to ensure proper alignment of structures being worked on.